C of E Primary School

Church Street, Morecambe, LA4 5QA

Day 1 Isle of Man

June 29, 2015

Hello from the Isle of Man!

We have all arrived safely and are settling into our new surroundings. The trip was very smooth with no illness (fingers crossed for the return trip!) We arrived and had fish and chips for dinner followed by a jam donut! We then went straight into an evening activity in the field.

Highlights so far:

How many people can fit near the vent on the ferry??!

The singing on the coach was very tuneful (some of the time!)

Leona: a classic well wanging competition throw!

Joel: An interesting sack race style – but he did beat the instructor!

The “elephant race” was fun!

The photos will have to wait until we get back I’m afraid as the network is struggling to upload them.

Tomorrow we are staying on site and activities will include: archery, rifle shooting, crate stacking and abseiling!