C of E Primary School

Church Street, Morecambe, LA4 5QA

Isle of Man 1st July Day 3

July 1, 2015


The amount of sleep had by most children (and staff!) was better last night although the girls were very chatty! Breakfast was eggy bread with beans and mushrooms. All the groups went down to the park in the morning with fine weather, a clear blue sky and warm sunshine. Activities included the kayaking, canoeing and sailing in three sessions through the day. Lunch was at the local cafe, where we had homemade vegetable soup followed by hotdogs. All the children did brilliantly, with a few overcoming initial worries to have a fabulous time. The instructors were noted to say that this was a very “wet” group – meaning they tended to fall in accidentally or deliberately! And Arwen I have not forgotten you making me fall in for the first time in 4 years!! We have some excellent photos from the seal launch from the kayaks, with some great face pulling when the children hit the water!

The evening meal was soup, sweet and sour chicken or korma chicken, followed by a brownie. Kayanne tried to have a choking fit but the teachers and instructors swooped down to save her (and her brownie!) After dinner we went to a field and played several different versions of hide and seek, in extremely long grass, Arwen proved very adept at hiding – as did Bailey!


Cameron yelling, “This is awesome!” across the lake during sailing.

Bailey overcoming nerves to become an excellent kayaker

Joel’s perseverance when sailing.

We are currently having a football match with another school – and winning!

Tomorrow we will be learning about campcraft and building a raft…