C of E Primary School

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Isle of Man Day 4

July 2, 2015

Day 4, 2/7/15

We had a rather rude awakening from another schools teacher waking his class up with a spoon and pan this morning – not the most gentle awakening ever! However, the breakfast was cereal followed by croissant and toast, then a quick walk to the bus and rather steep walk down to the beach. on the way we had to collect lots of wood, from kindling to branches. We learnt how to start a fire and built a huge fire on the beach and cooked our lunch – cowboy sandwiches -ask the kids about them when you get them back!

We then returned to the lake and built 2 rafts of varying degrees of seaworthiness! Let us just say 1 team completed the course and 1 group did not!

The weather was rather gloomy for most of the day with fog/mist and then a bit of rain at dinner so our BBQ was cooked outside and then we ate inside after.


Mr Wane would like to give a special mention to the Cowboy sandwiches

Gemma showed her superior rock climbing skills

Jak K learnt how to make his own fire independently (nearly!)

Taylor: sensible and supportive to his team throughout

Leyton and Jack D were rather useful at frisbee throwing.

Girls: you actually slept better last night!

We are getting up at just after 6am (!!!) tomorrow to catch the bus, then ferry and should be back at 12.15. If anything changes we will contact school and get them to contact you.