Poulton-le-Sands C of E Primary School

26th June update

26th June 2020

Dear Parents

This week some changes to the social distancing measures were announced to come into effect from 4th July. This is reducing the distance to ‘1m plus’. For example, 1m plus a mask or 1m plus not facing each other. The reduction to 1m+ does not help us in school very much, we could increase numbers in each room but not to a full class as the 15 children limit remains in place. The restrictions on mixing the groups and staff also remain in place so we would still struggle for staff.

We have been told that we will be opening for full attendance in September although we have no detail on this. We are putting our efforts now into planning for this so that when September comes we are ready to accelerate learning. I will contact you in due course when we have details of how this is to be achieved.

As restrictions have been eased around contact with other family members and friends and also leave entitlements are now more easily met we will not be open during the summer at all, this includes for key workers. This is to enable us to get the school building and contents ready for September –some rooms, cupboards, corners etc are currently full of all sorts of furniture, soft furnishings and toys!

Our real hope is that, God willing, we will close as a childcare facility on Thursday 16th July and reopen as a school on Wednesday 2nd September.

Your child’s class teacher will be in touch with you about arranging some means of seeing every child in school before July – even if this is virtually! There will be an opportunity to collect end of year reports (more mid-year this time!) and there are plans afoot for Y6! Please, please check your emails and Facebook as I would hate for anyone to miss out and communication is tricky at this time.

Once again, I would like to thank all our school community for your support, understanding, patience and hard work throughout this extraordinary time. It hasn’t been easy for any of us but we seem to have got through it. I have even reopened the now defunct Log Book and included what we did during this time – the key worker children helped too! We are now all a part of history!

Best wishes,

V Bould


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